A Job Well Done.

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Dear Blog,

   The build at Adoffo Lopez Mateos is now completed! The last couple days were very busy for our team. Thursday we put the roof panels on, and then the asphalt roofing. This took awhile because of the sizing on the panels needed to be adjusted but together under Randy, Brett, and Andrew’s guidance for the 5 of us, all hammering like crazy, got everything done on time. I have went on the Hero Holiday in 2007 but only got as far as the ladder. I was too chicken to walk out on the roof. This year I was brave and took those steps off the ladder. Not only did I help nail down the roof but got to enjoy the breeze and amazing view! 

  The rest of Thursday and Friday we finished putting the inside walls up, painting, also painting the bano and shower, putting in the windows and doors and a lot of finishing touches. Randy’s boots after 14 years of loyal service have finally hit the dust during this build and rather then scrap them entirely he used duct tape to hold them together, so maybe they will make it to 15 years. 

   Now today, we put everything together in the house- all the beautiful things that were sent down from Canada and additional items for the family bought at the Mexican Wal-Mart. The beds were complete with frames, mattresses and beautiful handmade quilts. The family and we builders enjoyed a wonderful dedication together, along with tears and hugs of appreciation from all. Then Marcia turned over the keys to Anastasia who opened the door and the family went in to see everything. The game of checkers were a real hit. The strawberries in a lovely keepsake dish from Lance and Pat were also a favorite.The family then introduced us to a special sit down with home made Mexican soup. The skies then opened up and the rain came down. Just as we finished. Now this family has a safe and dry place to get away from the rain. 

   Tonight we gathered at Don Diego’s and reminisced about what the high points were during the week as well as feasted on our last meal in Mexico. What a great trip.


~ Nora, a participant headed home from a Mexico Hero Holiday

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 1st, 2010