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P7215519Today was my day off, so I got to sleep in this morning (MUCH needed!) but a few of us wanted to go to Arroyo in the afternoon to play with the kids and just hang out. It was nice to just be able to play and relax and not have to worry about leading our teams and working. We brought frisbees and bubbles and the kids had a blast playing with them, and asked me to bring more when I come tomorrow.P7215511 We started the morning with a walk around the village to the house of Henardo, Kristen’s little amigo. We met his grandparents and we sat in the house for awhile and chatted and played with the kids. I love getting to look at the Dominican’s houses; they are so different from what I am used to at home, but at the same time they are so welcoming. We went back to the school, had some Skim Ice, played frisbee and played with the bubbles, and then went down to Fran’s house for a visit. We sat with her mom, Daniela, and chatted while the kids played with my camera. She told us it was Danny’s (Fran’s brother) 5th birthday today! Then we started a conversation about birthdays. Frangelis’ is on January 27th. Many of the kids only knew what month their birthday was in, but didn’t know the exact day. We ended up staying for quite awhile and someone had to come get us to let us know that it was time to pack up and leave! I kissed Daniela goodbye and the kids followed us to the truck. It was many of the participants’ last day at Arroyo so they were hugging all the kids goodbye, and Frangelis kept jumping all over me and smiling and shouting to everyone that I was coming back tomorrow! She kissed me and told me she loves me and blew me kisses as we pulled away; she is such a sweetheart!I love how every day here brings something new. Some days I am fighting back tears as I witness the poverty and racism in this country, and others I can’t stop smiling because I see the joy of the people.P7215514

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 24th, 2008