Life as an Absolute School of Leadership Student

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IMG_2264So far, being in the SOL program has been incredible.  Helping facilitate humanitarian trips for high school students is something I always imagined would be amazing, yet never actually thought it could happen.  Being a participant on a Hero Holiday in the summer of 2007 was definitely a life changing experience for me.  I discovered what truly matters to me and how helping others makes me happier than anything else I’ve ever experienced before.  It was an experience I will never forget.  And now, to be a part of those experiences again and to see the same changes happening in each one of the participants I meet, is incredible.  So far we have had three groups, each of them unique, with something different, yet equally special, to offer.  Our first house build was a public group of five.  The second was a private group of 75.  The third was a school group of 14. They definitely had their differences.  The level of relationship I was able to build with each was also different, but after an experience like Hero Holdiay, and at least a week together, I think I can safely say I’d have many options for couches around Canada if I ever decide to go traveling!  And thank you to facebook for allowing everyone to stay in touch!IMG_2307I love meeting so many incredible, deserving families that are receiving a new house.  I get to witness so many lives being changed, both Mexican and Canadian alike.  The hope that is created on both sides is worth more than any house, and being a piece of it is one of the best parts of this whole experience.The work that goes in to a program like this is definitely a fair amount.  And it’s the little things that really seem to add up.  But being able to help out with such an amazing cause makes all the salad making, grocery buying, errand running, paintbrush cleaning, (and blog writing 😉 … just kidding!) worth it!  The house building, friend making, life changing part is pretty great too! …… Along with the taco eating, sun tanning, garbage picking, puppy saving, off roading, horseback riding, market shopping, ocean swimming…………Tara (SOL student currently in Mexico)May 5th, 2009

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: May 5th, 2009