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IMG_2367Life has been interesting the past couple weeks. We welcomed a very enthusiastic and amazing group of teens from Newfoundland. Myself and the other students helped out as much as we could, both on the job site and off. From helping Dawn make lunch for the group, to digging holes for fence posts, and of course playing with the kids. Being an SOL is very interesting.  You really get to see what is done behind the scenes and be a part of it, sometimes it may seen like your not doing much at all but in the scheme of things it all contributes to the big picture.It’s not all work of course, we get to do fun things like go to mikkaza cafe for frappes and thrifty’s for delicious ice cream! There are markets to explore everywhere and always new and interesting places to see. The beaches are beautiful and Andrew always livens it up when he brings out his dune buggy.  We find a good balance between work and play, still keeping our focus on why we are here and that is for the people. I personally gain fulfillment in every new person I meet and every family I am a part of. Having the opportunity to show my love and passion for people to groups that come down is extremely rewarding.  Helping them grow and learn is something I am deeply grateful for. We get to see the connection that is made between the groups and the families that they build for.  We also make incredible lasting friendships with these families as we are here long before the groups arrive, and stay after the groups leave.  We get to see these people weeks later, still with smiles ear to ear, so very thankful for what a few Canadians did for them.Josh (student 2009 – currently in Mexico)

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: May 6th, 2009