Madawaska Hero Holiday – An Amazing Process To Be Part Of

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Today was another busy and full day. The sky was blue and the sun was bright right from the minute we got up this morning. Every day seems nicer than the last and the week seems to be going by too fast. The children in our families all took the day off school today to help. We loved being able to play with the kids, get them involved in building and get to know them as a family better. 

Both houses got painted inside and out – deep dark red outside and lilac inside for one family, sky blue outside with sea blue inside for the other. And lots of all four colours on all of the builders! We also put the roofs on, built the interior walls, and cut out the door and windows. 

A fabulous cook named Julia is cooking for our team of 20 as well as the 35 students from a Victoria high school who are staying across the road. Tonight we had tostadas and ceviche, described by our leader Rose as “summer in your mouth”! Then we hopped back on our big Hero Holiday bus and drove up a winding pot-holed road to a little town at the top of a hill where we watched the Smurf movie in Spanish (with English subtitles) with a bunch of local children. The children are SO adorable and so loving and cuddly; our teenagers are all falling in love with them. I think we will all be leaving a piece of our heart in Mexico.

Tomorrow we finish the houses. What an amazing process this is, and what an amazing thing to be part of. More to come …


Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 16th, 2012