Making A House A Home

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Between yesterday and today, the houses have been pieced together rapidly. Lots of hard work, painting and sawing have brought the group two standing houses. Everyone is experimenting with different ways to help out; whether it be playing with the kids, roofing or helping with the interiors. The work days so far have been amazing, and it is very fulfilling to see everyone working together as one well oiled machine. This experience has me doubting that any of us will ever be able to forget this community and the families within. Each member of this town is doing what they can to help; the kids are always eager to help paint to their maximum height and parents willing to help us communicate. Piggy-Back after piggy-back we are creating trust and relationships with these kids despite the language barrier. Weather tonight canceled our evening activity of candy and beach time, but an interesting group discussion had everyone soon forgetting the sugar craze. Readers, I challenge you to balance your wants and needs and see how those may fluctuate to those of something living in the conditions of a developing area.Until Tomorrow, Greer C-WTo see more pictures, click here.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 10th, 2010