Penticton Students ‘Back At It’ In Mexico

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“Viva la Mexico!! We have arrived – made it through a few army check stops and the border crossing – “red light green light” experience. We had to get off the bus collect our luggage then one at a time push a traffic light button – if it turned green you just walked on through – red – they made you stop  and get your bags checked (just ask Deryn) but they let her come with us!The drive down was amazing with a stop for Taco’s along the way.It is soooo greeeen down here – so much rain but unfortunately serious wash outs everywhere.We are now settled in at the Hero Holiday House and enjoying the “home” atmosphere.The weather is windy, damp and chilly but the “bus boggin” is great.The house building has begun and the TEAM is awesome. The roof panels and walls were completed and tomorrow the house will rise from the ground and either stand or be carried off in the wind currents.One amazing event today was the witnessing of Jim working as it was too dusty for him to see the rake handle to lean on. However, it was reassuring to see him understand the nature of the work. Way to go Jim. Clark, you would have been proud of him.Well, as you can see we are not having much fun but this TEAM is truly amazing and today they proved their worth through the building and ESL teaching at the school. Stay tuned for more amazing stories.Les Clarke – Group Leader

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 10th, 2010