The Medical Clinic Visits the Village of Mosovi

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Today was the second day of our medical clinic. We traveled over the bumpy roads to the small Dominican village of Mosovi. There, we were greeted by hundreds of locals looking forward to their visit with the dentist or doctor. Setting up our tents we assumed our roles. The two of us, Laura (nursing student) and Scott (Kinesiology student), were both stationed with a doctor. The experience of working alongside as a partner to these experienced health care professionals was amazing to say the least. The opportunity to practice the skills we have learned in school, in a real life situation, was incredible. Being able to assist in diagnosing with the doctors and having our opinions of certain things, including pharmaceuticals and physical therapy taken seriously was so incredible. Having the opportunity to practice general medical skills such as using the stethoscope, otoscope, and stabilizing joints allowed us to view an array of ailments and disorders.



A major highlight of the day was the genuine gratitude the people of Mosovi expressed for our health care services. It is so surreal to know that back home in Canada, most of us shudder or delay a visit to the doctor or dentist, while here those who willingly line up for hours and finally receive their little white slip of paper detailing the treatment or medication they need, are so amazingly thankful and appreciative. Knowing that they are finally receiving the care for an ailment that may have been bothering them for years is such a heartwarming experience. We all feel so lucky and so blessed to be part of something so eye-opening. Overall, the clinic in Mosovi was amazing and given the chance to return we all agree that there would be no hesitation. We wish the best of luck to our new friends in Mosovi and hope someday we may meet again.
– Laura & Scott, LiveDifferent Hero Holiday Medical Trip Volunteers, 2012

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: August 27th, 2012