More Pictures!

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Alright folks, here are some shots of what is going on. The houses are finished, done, compete. And in four days no less! So the pictures of the houses are not up to date, you will have to wait until Monday for that, we are not back on the sites until then.Tomorrow morning we are going to visit a children’s home that is newly opened for children with physical disabilities. The crew here has made two custom tables to suit their mobility needs and we are off for a drive to deliver them. Then it is off to market for the afternoon, seeing what kind of deals we can fid and how much Spanish we can muster. girls and boysHip-hip-horray at the end of the game Peace Out... The two who were feeling under the weather chillin' out. 018 017 009 the kids who are moving into site two

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: August 26th, 2007