A Story of an Angel

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Allow me to introduce to you Angel and Rachel Baeza. I have known Angel for three years now, most people who come to do work on this part of the Baja know Angel. Angel lives his life with a disability in a wheelchair. He is unlimited in his ability to use his hands and does so with precision and skill. While his name it Angel, it must be said that the glint of mischief that is always in his eyes lends a bit more to a little devil, his words are always peppered with humour. angel's place1 Up until now Angel has worked with adapting wheelchairs for the unique terrain of the Baja. The chair must be sturdy and are usually decked out with tires similar to mountain bike tires. He crafts silver jewellery and other art pieces to be a support his family as he does this work. He will continue with the adaptations as well as with the new challenge he and his wife Rachel have undertaken. angel's place2 Yesterday we visited Casa Gabriel II, a home for mentally and physically disabled children. It is the second home from the same organization; the first one is in a city an hour north of it. Casa Gabriel I is overpopulated and Angel and Rachel’s home is welcoming some of the older children from there into it. The children who go to Casa Gabriel II are all over the age of 7years and have the capacity to learn, it is a teaching house as well as a home. They will learn to work with their hand, life skills, computers, and physical skills necessary for a life lived in a wheel chair. angel's place When Angel was down at the camp site last week, he was telling us about this new adventure. They have been working on renovating and adapting the house for the last six months, putting in wheel chair ramps, widening a few doors and renovating the bathroom. About 10 days ago they received their first group of kids who are going to call this haven home. They will have up to 20 people living in this home and needed tables. Some of our Hero’s made tables for them that were specially designed to meet the specific needs of the wheel chairs. It was our pleasure to deliver them along with some lap blankets for when it gets colder. As well there was a gift bag of toothbrush, toothpaste…and a few candies…for each child that will be coming into the home. angel's place3 The children are placed there by the Mexican social service, the DIF. They are removed from their homes for various reasons including neglect, abuse and the parents inability to care for them. Children are a vulnerable people group, and children with disabilities especially so. The DIF places them at Casa Gabriel I, but does not provide any financial resources. Angel and Rachel are running this home off of love, faith and donations. It was humbling and encouraging to see what they are doing and to be a part of providing them with practical needed items. We will see much more of these precious kids in the future.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: August 29th, 2007