Parksville Rotary in Mexico!

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Now everyone get your minds out of the gutter – today was a huge day for Rotary Team Mexico as we now have a house where once stood a bare cement pad.  Amazing teamwork was in evidence throughout the day as the walls were raised, rooms were divided, interior and exterior walls were painted, the roof panels are on, and windows are cut.  We are amazed at what happened today and we can’t wait to see how much we accomplish tomorrow!

We have had so many experiences, as a team and individually, and so our blog will recap the highlights of each team member on each day of this incredible experience.  Here goes:

  • Jo Dunn – totally impressed by the children – from being shy and timid when we first met them, they have now warmed up to us and are totally into the experience.  Jennifer is painting like a trooper while Puol entertains us with his antics and high fives.  The love and respect in the family is evident in everything they do, and their anticipation is palpable.


  • Gord Svenson – “Dusty, very dusty.”
  • Marlin McTavish – putting paint on the backside of a wall with mother Augustina and Jennifer as we shared painting techniques.  I also had a opportunity to use my kindergarten Spanish, as I learned about Augustina’s parents and their life – a chance to explore the language and learn words about thoughts and feelings – not your usual tourist language lesson.
  • Garry Cox – Trying not to blow away in the wind … seriously, putting up those four walls and seeing the house coming together was an incredible experience.
  • Massey Matsuda – Observing the amazing wealth of construction expertise and talent among our team and seeing what can be accomplished when a group of seniors put their heads together and their skills into action.
  • Angela Dadoush – Playing with the children, visiting the school, and realizing how fortunate our children in Canada are … and yet how wonderfully happy these children are despite having very little.
  • Tim Andres – After the second day of building, I am impressed with the large impact we can have with such a minimal amount of effort and financial contribution.


  • Don Luke – It amazes me that a group who have never done this can get together and build a complete house.  It’s phenomenal and it’s fun!  And the tacos are great!!
  • Linda Cox – I can’t believe how much sand comes out in the shower at the end of the day!
  • Louise Wright, Jane Walker, Angela Dadoush & Diana Matsuda – We walked along a dirt road with Jennifer and Puol to the local Grade 1-6 school to meet the students and staff and deliver school supplies. The government has cut off their supply budget so the supplies were greatly appreciated. There were 3 classrooms with 2 grades in each class, around 35 students per room.  The enthusiasm from the students was infectious as they responded to questions, cheered, clapped and loved looking at their pictures on our cameras. We all loved the hugs! Great to see Canadian flags stuck on their lapels and foreheads.
  • Diane Luke –  glass of wine on the beach at the end of a long hot day!
  • Dierdre Micheal – Puol teaching me to do the bumping high five, sharing wine with Diane and Louise, and getting drenched by the waves.


  • Diana Matsuda – learning from the LiveDifferent team – observing Steve’s calm and dedication, enjoying breakfast with Carlos, and receiving personal instruction from Isaak on proper nail set-up and painting technique.
  • Bill Rawlins – The incredible teamwork of this group has left me in awe – seeing those roof panels go up with everyone moving in unison was an amazing experience!

So that’s our day as we saw it – more to follow tomorrow.

– Parksville AM Rotary Club, LiveDifferent Trip, 2014

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: September 19th, 2014