Rotarians Up On The Roof

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After just 3 days of work, we are all amazed at how well the house is coming together. This morning saw all available Rotarians up on the roof of the house, pounding nails and spreading tar. After lunch, the swarm moved into the house in a flurry of painting, building shelves, installing windows and hanging doors. Tomorrow will be a day to finish all the interior fittings before going shopping for furnishings and household goods in preparation for dedication day on Sunday.

Memorable moments from today included:

– From Diana – the sweetest moment of the day was when Policarpo and Augustina looked at their nearly completed home, then looked at each other and smiled, and he reached over and touched her cheek.

– From Louise – her memorable moment was to consign the work shirt she’s worn to the work site each day – dirty and paint stained – to the firepit.

– From those on the ground – the scariest moment was watching the intrepid Rotarians descend from the roof – easier said than done.

From Marlin – the cheekiest moment was when an unnamed Rotarian told her that the reason she didn’t get any paint on her clothes was because she didn’t put any on her brush, an accusation that she vehemently denies!

From Tim – Communication across cultures – Tim spent 45 minutes today laying sheeting on the roof with Pedro who speaks no English, while Tim speaks no Spanish. Yet they worked together in perfect harmony, each understanding exactly what was needed from the other.

– Our cooks, Rocio A. M and Ana continue to outdo themselves on a nightly basis, serving the most sumptuous Mexican delicacies, always welcoming us with beautiful smiles and accommodating our every need. Tonight we had Ceviche which was mucho delicioso!!

From Jane and Angela – the most heartwarming moment of the day – doing a puzzle with Jennifer and Puol who were then joined by Policarpo. Their pride and excitement upon completing something they had never seen before was a touching moment.

The most photographed event of the day had to be that of Augustina and Diana painting the outhouse – for some strange reason, the paparazzi were out in full force!

Rotary Team Mexico


Author: LiveDifferent

Date: September 20th, 2014