Penticton Trip in a Nut Shell

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 Over the past couple days life has changed from docile, boring, everyday experiences to the extraordinary. We have been introduced to life in Mexico. From the building of family’s home,  to playing with the young children, who happen to be very friendly and open with us. It has been an eye-opening few days we’ve had, and we will not forget or recount on them lightly.We arrived in Mexico last Monday at midday. we had previously boarded the plane through Allegiant Air. It was beautiful, the clouds looked like giant marshmallows, the sky bright and shinning as we flew over the tiny cities bellow. After the flight we arrived in San Diego and took the white bus to a Mexican buffet. Then, after we were stuffed and ready to relax, we were driven to the KOA campground where we had fun in the pool and then slept over in their log cabins. When we arrived in Mexico at the Hero Holiday house we were introduced to the other student leaders, most of them we already knew. It was a happy reunion, there were a lot of stories to be retold of one another’s experiences. The next day we began the build at the first house. We were introduced to the family, the father, mother, and their five children, the youngest being only a month old. We started by building the four walls and the roof the first day; then, because of the rough winds we had to leave raising the four walls and the roof until the second. We shingled the roof on the third, and did the finishing touches on the fourth day, all the while playing and being entertained by the kids and the local Mexican people. Some of us went to the school for ESL and taught English, we were given instruction from the student leaders and Teachers.Last night we had A dance party at Don Diego’s with another group from Victoria .The them was 80’s. It was a blast!Today we built a building for one of the churches in town. It was up by 2:00 pm. The Mexican people there helped build it with us and afterward they painted it with us as well. It was a fast build. It was so much fun playing with the kids and interacting with the people there. At lunch time we were served hot tamales and noodle salad while watching some of the church members and kids perform. They used tambourines and danced to the rhythm of the Latino based christian music. It was all in spanish. Even though most of us, including myself, could not understand it, it was still very beautiful and moving. We finished and headed back home for dinner.Now I am here writing this to you and hoping tomorrow is just as amazing as today. Thank-you for reading and good tidings, your fellow Hero Holiday volunteer,Lisa Marie Dianne Brunin. =)

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 15th, 2010