Update on Arroyo Seco School

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garcia-and-director.jpgIf you have joined us on a Dominican Republic Hero Holiday, chances are you know who Pastor Garcia is and you are familiar with the Arroyo Seco school project. Many of us have memories of laughter and camaraderie as we worked together, brick by brick, cement shovel by cement shovel to help make a community’s dream come true: the dream of a school for their children and for their future. That dream has become a reality through the help of hundreds of Hero Holiday participants since 2006, and we are excited to announce that our school is now recognized by the Dominican government as a certified private school! As well, their entire community project is now a recognized Dominican foundation, another part of the success of working together.arroyo-class1.jpgschool-uniforms.jpgThere are over 100 students at the Arroyo Seco school, many of them able to go to school for the first time because of your hard work! The school is now running from junior kindergarten to grade 5, with students aged 3 to 15. Many of the older students have never had a chance to go to school before, so they are just as excited as the younger ones to have a chance to learn. Thanks to the generosity of some Canadian friends, our school now also has a computer lab, something that these students are completely new to but eager to learn on.computers-new.jpgThe best part about certification for the school is that they are now part of a standardized curriculum that requires consistent reporting and accountability – something that is lacking in many schools across this tiny nation. These students have many hopes and dreams and many of them are a result of education.front-of-the-school.jpgFor those of you who were a part of the love, sweat and tears that went into the Arroyo Seco Community School project, this is your success.Thank you!

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 17th, 2010