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September 22nd, 2010, our first arrival in Quebec! A good long nine or so more hours of driving. Finally arriving in a town called “La Tuque”. When we first got there we were welcomed by the teachers and slowly started to unload our gear into the gym and get ready for tomorrows performance, we also ended up sleeping in the school so we had the whole place to ourselves! We woke up around 6am the next morning only to be eating large muffins and setting up the equipment for the show. We ended up having a “Think Global” right before the show, where we had a small presentation in a class and sat down with students in groups and discussed issues going on in our world today such as “Poverty” and how it differs from each country and what we can do to help out and make a difference.


Finally, the show. The school was small, only having around 78 students in total. But this was super awesome as we really got to connect with these students personally through our presentation. The best part of all is that they all spoke French, and it was so cool, the fact that they are Canadian, but speak French. I loved it! We also got to learn a couple words as well and hangout and talk with everyone.


Best part of the day; yeah you guessed it, the poutine! The whole highlight of my tour, the one thing I was looking forward to the most. Having a poutine, right here in Quebec. The cheese, gravy and the fries just made my day.


This whole tour has been LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute)ly amazing so far and I know it can only get better. The fact that we can enter a school and talk to teens around Canada. Giving them HOPE, letting them know that they are all so important and that their lives have so much purpose and no matter what they have been through, there is still and forever will be hope.


Next stop Gaspé

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: September 24th, 2010