Reggie’s Blog – “Paradise Island Excursion!”

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After a long 10 days an intern excursion was definitely needed! We were up bright and early to bus and boat to Paradise Island. The 2+ hour bus ride was definitely worth it. Paradise Island is more of a sandbar than an island which has been formed from the debris that has broken off from the coral reef that surrounds it.

It is a beautiful area that provides snorkeling tours, which we took advantage of. This was the most exciting part for me because I have never legitimately snorkeled. It was a bit difficult at first and I took in a few mouthfuls of salt water, but once I got the hang of it I had so much fun.
There were so many unique types of fish to see. It was just how you see it on television where the fish swim with you. It was a great photo opportunity which I took advantage of with my fellow intern’s waterproof camera. After snorkeling and soaking up a little sun we went for lunch and headed back to the resort.
We now have the evening off to relax. The girls decide to have a “girl’s night”, so the few guys that are here went for a swim then watched a movie. It has been an awesome bonding experience so far and I look forward to our leadership workshop tomorrow!
Reggie – LiveDifferent Hero Holiday Intern, Dominican Republic 2012

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 20th, 2012