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We continued with intern bonding today by learning about styles of leadership, learning about global issues, and sharing personal stories with each other. There are so many types of leadership; therefore, it is important to know what kind of leader you are. Knowing the type of leader you are will help you understand how to handle certain situation. Knowing the type of leader you are helps you work more effectively with other people.
Looking at global issues is always interesting and surprising. The numbers are always changing, and it is great to find out things you can do to help. One thing that I will be looking more into is an online bookstore called Better World Books. Every time someone buys a book from Better World Books, they donate a book to someone who needs it. This is a step towards providing poverty stricken people with an education; furthermore, this is potential for getting out of poverty. If you or someone you know needs to buy a book, check out the site! It is one simple way you can make a difference in someone’s life and feel great doing it! So, check it out,
We ended the leadership workshop day with sharing personal stories. It was a very emotional experience but in the end it was very rewarding. It is great to know that everyone has a story and no one’s story or life is perfect. Everyone struggles at some point in their life whether it is big or small. Either way, it helps to peer-share stories. Learning someone’s story allows you to understand them 10x better. This can be something you can try sometime. I feel that the interns are much more understanding of each other because of this exercise, and I believe the amount of respect for one another will increase.
Reggie – LiveDifferent Hero Holiday Intern, Dominican Republic 2012

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 20th, 2012