Return to Fort McKay

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In 12 days we:Had eight (nine for some) different airplane rides, traveled through three different countries, stayed in three different hotels, had countless bus rides, a horse (honkey) ride, a boat ride, visited a few different beaches, helped build a school, had an awareness tour of Port-au-Prince, constantly fought with sketchy internet, took thirty-five orphaned children out for the day, and had more trips to the toilet then anyone should ever have to count! The nature of this Hero Holiday to Haiti was truly one of a kind.  We were presented with many unique opportunities that have stretched us all and they will continue to do so process them.  Having arrived home early this morning it is still difficult to put this experience into words.  I am convinced that any attempt to explain what we did, saw and were a part of, would not do it justice.  One thing that we all agree on is that the Haitian people are incredible people whom have taught us so much about life, love and laughter.We would like to express our deepest thanks for the Fort McKay Chief and Council for making this whole experience possible!  Your care for the world and your thoughtfulness to engage youth to be involved globally is respectable and an example for other community leaders across Canada.  Thank you again!

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 3rd, 2010