Carson Graham Secondary Starts Their Hero Holiday Mexico

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The trip has began!Most of us started the journey with a 3:30AM wake up in order to make the 4:30AM airport meeting time. Our first flight was an exhausting 25 minutes, however, we managed to pass the time, and entertain our fellow passengers with doggy pile cuddles sessions. Arriving at the Seattle airport a little hungry (keara grumpy? whaaat) but we soon boarded the next flight to San Diego. We would say how long it was, but no one was conscience for entire duration. San Diego was our mini beach holiday prelude. After settling into the hotel and getting some groceries, we headed to the beach. There was tanning, soccer, football and wading to be enjoyed by all. Dinner was interesting. Not many places offer pizza, apple pie, and sushi all in one tray, but that’s an all you can eat oriental buffet for you. We all left full, if a little disoriented, and ready to enjoy our evening. Some of group went on a romantic sea side stroll, enjoying the art work, ambiance and cute rick shaw drivers (but not the Army naval ship). In an attempt to avoid some awkward romance, both Robby O and Guilano decided to go to the Padres baseball game, as did Meghan, Mark, Daniel and Alex. When asked about the game, Daniel responded “what baseball game?’Meghan responded with the more positive “mediocre at best”.
      Today was spent mostly on the bus. Just after leaving San Diego we hit the Tijuana boarder. Luckily we passed the extensive “green light red light some god will smite you” test and passed without a problem. Everyone was struck by the difference of living standards as soon as we crossed to border. Driving beside the border we could see the large and tidy American homes complete with pools and green grass right beside the tin roof, graffiti ridden shanties on the other side of the fence. As we drove farther down the Coast though, it was easy to forget the poverty as we became preoccupied with the beautiful ocean views, and our Harry Potter audio books. The military check points were almost as eventful as the border crossing, and everyone we encountered was friendly. Stopping at gorgeous cliff overlooking some kind of sea food farm, we took a group picture and explored a little, finding a rusty playground to fool around on. After driving, and driving and just a bit of gravol induced slumber, we stopped at a road side taco stand. Any apprehensions of eating from a smokey open grill meat rack thingmabob, vanished with the first bite. Sliced and grilled steak on homemade tortillas, covered by salsa, “guac”, lime, hot sauce, onions and cilantro.After arriving at our home for the next eight days, we decided that we had enough time to go visit the families we are building for. Little kids ran out to meet our bus, excited to meet the gringos who were coming to build. The houses the families live in now are nothing more than cardboard and tarp with a dirt floor. Despite the small size and conditions, the families clearly have pride in what they have and kept their houses as neat as possible. An eye opening experience for North Van kids. We played with the kids, and have already started making friends despite the language barrier.We’re home now, enjoying some free time after our pizza and salad dinner and debriefing session. There are lots of games to play and computers to stay in touch with home. Everyone is looking forward to starting work tomorrow after a good nights rest tonight.Till next time!Keara and Madison.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 3rd, 2010