RFC Youth Group Starts Their Hero Holiday in Mexico

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RFC Youth Mexico Trip


Saturday & Sunday March 27th& 28th

              We have arrived safely in Vicente Guerrero, Mexico! But our journey was not without adventure! It started with a hoodie left on the plane in LA, and then Sofia, our Mexican team member, (she was an exchange student at our school and decided to join us on our trip since we were so close to her neck of the woods) had her flight delayed until noon, then 3:00, then 5:00, then 7:00, and finally left at 9:00! So we didn’t meet up with her until the next day on our way south to Vicente Guerrero. Sunday we were on our way. Made it over the Mexican border without incident, and then the van carrying our luggage broke down. We sat on the side of the road for about an hour waiting for a tow truck. When he arrived they found the van too heavy, but eventually Santiago was on his way with a flat deck to haul it down. With the van was too heavy for the trailer, we had to unload everything into the truck. We did arrived in time for supper!! We and our luggage are now safe at Erma’s dorm at last.


Monday March 29th

              Our first day on the job site we were overwhelmed by the children! They were so trusting, and overjoyed to see us. We had a great time playing with them! Don’t worry we got some work done too. We managed to put the roof panels together and nearly have the walls put together! The weather was very hot, in spite of all our sunscreen, we have many ‘rosy’ sun kissed faces. Supper was thoroughly enjoyed at the local taco stand!  A few brave or crazy (you decide!) people tried the cow intestine instead of chicken or pork.







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Date: March 30th, 2010