Windy Work Site for RFC Youth

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Tuesday March 30, 2010


              Today was a very windy day! Lots of sand flying everywhere!

Despite all the wind/sand tornadoes, our team managed to finish painting the outside panels, build and sheet all the exterior walls, as well as all the end walls. We received LOTS of help from all our little Mexican friends! We also managed to support the community by spending our pesos at the sweet little market they have conveniently set up right next to our job site.Very smart business move! We ended up shutting down the work site early due to the strong winds.  We were up to putting up the walls, but the wind was nearly knocking us all over with the wall. Will start putting up the building first thing tomorrow!

              Best part was when the playground equipment arrived and hearing the children cheering and calling out “columpios” (Swings!) Even got to “test” them out briefly! Can’t wait to paint them bright colors tomorrow!

              We had a super yummy supper thanks to Dawn & Julia, then off to the beach to watch the sun set!


Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 31st, 2010