RFC Youth School Build – Day #3

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March 31, 2010Today was our third day on the work site of our  school build. It was definitely our most productive day so far as we put up all the walls and roof. We also painted and placed the play ground structure, which was a hit with all the kids. The kids loved having us push them on the swings and there were many times when the kids would give me distinct directions in Spanish. I pretended as if I understood every word they were saying but I had no idea! Despite that fact, it was amazing to see the kids just having the time of their lives as they smiled from ear to ear. The trip started as just building a school for these kids but it’s safe to say that playing with the kids and the excitement they bring to our trip is constantly a highlight to of each my days here in Mexico.~ BrockToday was pretty cool. We actually put together a whole school! How crazy is that? It felt so good to do something so substantial, or visible for lack of a better word. I know all the little menial stuff, like painting and nailing, is important too, but actually putting together all the pieces really lets you see all the hard work that was put into the process. It is a good feeling knowing that we are helping to educate future generations in this community.~ AlisonToday was a big day! It started off with chocolate chip pancakes and bacon (Mmmm!) I got the fun job of painting for the entire day. Painting all the beautiful bright colors on the play ground has been my highlight so far. It was super windy again today so paint was flying everywhere. Because of this, we were covered in paint at the end of the day. It was oil based so we had to wipe it off with paint thinner. Sorry Mom, I’m gonna need some more shorts when we get back home. Then we painted the inside of the school, slowly people left to nail on the roof, and it was only me and Anders painting. It felt like it would never end. When we finally thought we had finished, we were told it needed a second coat! Overall it was a great day ending with yummy flauttas (Mexican meal).~ Janelle

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: April 1st, 2010