Sawa-dee-ka from Thailand!

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Hey Everyone! We are here! After leaving Vancouver, flying to Shanghai, transferring to Bangkok, staying overnight, flying to Chiang Rai and driving an hour to Chiang Saen, we are finally here! And, we are excited to see what kind of adventures and incredible moments we are about to be a part of.This week we will be working at the VCDF children’s home (, helping to construct a kitchen and build a recycle centre at a home that helps to take care of over 130 orphaned and rescued kids ages 1-16. It is a place of hope and we are so honored to be able to come and work alongside of them and learn about their lives.Stay tuned for all the news on how our projects are going and all of our adventures as we work and experience this incredible area of Thailand called the “Golden Triangle”, where Thailand, Laos and Burma all converge together at one point along the Mekong River. golden-triangle.jpgSawa-dee-ka!

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: August 3rd, 2010