BE THE CHANGE by Cory Brigham

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This is a song that was written by a participant on our Hero Holidays named, Cory Brigham. Every time he performs it on our trips it challenges and encourage our students.To all our past Hero Holiday participants, remember the people you helped and gave so much hope to and do not forget their struggles as you continue your lives back in Canada. You can make a difference and be the change to help those in need!We came and we saw that they’d prayed for the hope that we brought them.They may be a long way from us but they’re not forgotten.We cried and we cursed ourselves for not caring enough.But I wonder if we’ve given them as much as they’ve given us.Seeing them smile and the feeling of holding their hands,The meeting of colours like the shades of an old photograph.Lost in the clouds I knew I’d left something behind.Now my heart is theirs, just as much as it’s mine.And I promise I’ll see them again, I’ll always remember their face.Forever I’ll be their friend, most of all, I’ll be the change.Sitting on top of a rock overlooking the sea.I know that I’m home but there’s somewhere I feel I should be.What gives us the right, what makes us better than them?What separates us aside from a line in the sand?Imagine that was your child behind those eyes.You know she’s so thirsty that she doesn’t have tears to cry.There’s millions of people who could save her life but insteadThey spend all their money on clothes and leave her for dead.And I promise I’ll see her again, l’ll always remember her face.Forever I’ll be her friend, most of all, I’ll be the change.Most of us think, being so small, we can’t make it stop.But every flood begins with one single drop.Everyone searches for purpose and meaning to life.And I know that I found mine, so this is goodbye.But I promise I’ll see you again, I’ll always remember your face.Forever I’ll be your friend, most of all, I’ll be the change.We came and we saw that they prayed for the hope that we brought them.They may be a long way from us but they’re not forgotten.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: August 1st, 2010