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5720_99147140325_95760375325_2214298_1862339_n Yesterday, we visited the orphanage and we met some really great people. Since it was the first time any of us had ever been to an orphanage, we weren’t really sure what to expect. Despite their disabilities, each of them were more than happy to see new faces and make new friends. One boy in particular, named Tommy, really brightened our day. He was very happy when lunch time5720_99147135325_95760375325_2214297_1742786_n came and when he was sharing his book with all of his new friends.Along with playing with the children we also helped the caretakers with laundry and washing dishes. Both the children and the caretakers really appreciated our visit. This experience was an eye opener for each of us and we walked away looking at things from a different perspective.Katie, Brittany, Samantha, and Nicole5720_99643565325_95760375325_2220986_1349953_n Hola from Dominican Republic! It’s been five incredibly eye opening days. Myself, Miranda, Emily, Kathryn, and Kim are all sitting around a table in our hotel room recollecting our experiences thus far. On our first work day, we visited an orphanage in the morning and had a great time interacting with the disabled children. Playing at the park, feeding them, and helping with the daily chores necessary to keep the under staffed orphanage running. We spent the afternoon at a village starting the foundation for the additional room being built onto the school.The following day en route to a visit at a hospital, our group had a slight misfortune. Our ‘Beloved’ truck ceased to run! Luckily, within no time a replacement truck was sent, and we were once again on our way! Due to the delay, upon our arrival to the hospital our group had to come together and finish the job of peeling the numerous layers of paint from the walls. Now, this is one of those jobs that sounds easier than it actually is, like baking. Creating the perfect souffle is definitely easier said than done.Back to the hospital. This was one of the most emotional days so far. Walking among the beds of the sick children all with their family members by their sides, left us with a feeling of powerlessness. Seeing a child cry over a headache and not being able to help them was heart breaking, but the sense of community in those rooms was astounding. No matter who’s child was crying or simply in need of comfort, every mother was an arms length away. While a few group members entertained the children with music and colouring so the mothers could take a much needed rest, the other half of our group finished scraping and added the first coat of primer. Concluding our day at the hospital, our most recent adventure took us to an impoverished village where we painted, mixed concrete and dug trenches for the new kitchen that will allow the new school to open.5720_99643620325_95760375325_2220994_6722867_nHero Holiday has been working on this project three years and its been a great experience being a part of the final stretch, its completion date on the horizon! The highlight of this day was being welcomed into the village by a crowd of children, all eager to interact with us. Everywhere we looked we saw children holding hands and 5720_98742690325_95760375325_2208016_3004167_n jumping on the backs of the participants, blowing bubbles, and having our hair brushed and braided all contributed to an unforgettable day.Today we can’t wait to see what Hero Holiday has in store!Miranda Emily, Kathryn and KimXXOO

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 10th, 2009