Team 2 Adventures!

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Team 2 started off the week in Thunder Bay, Ontario: a place devoid of any warm weather. But what it lacks in heat it more than makes up for in cheap movie tickets, so the gang hit up a local theatre to feast their eyes on Harry Potter’s wizardry ways. After a visit with the lovely folks at Bishop Gallagher Catholic School, we high-tailed it out of there toward Dryden in hopes that we’d beat the snowy weather, but approximately one hour into the journey, the skies opened up and massive amounts of snowflakes were suddenly kissing the windshield of our beloved bus! Finally, after an ‘adventure’ up our billet’s driveway, we slept for the night before waking up to more of this:img_76001.jpgwhich was rather convenient for our ten hour drive to Manitoba! Wesoon decided to embrace the snow despite the protest of our snottynoses and rosy cheeks, which worked to our benefit since we wereheaded for the Pinaymootang First Nation’s reserve where the snow only kept coming. After a fun show there we took an adventurous trip into Winnipeg. Instead of braving the weather some of us decided to watch ‘Elf’, while others decided to get some much needed rest before our huge show at John Taylor Collegiate the next morning. I mean, their school slogan is ‘Blood, sweat and tartar’ – how awesome is that?img_7630.jpgNow we’re all cozied up in Brandon, Manitoba, after a day full ofWendy’s and tanning sessions. Yes, tanning sessions. It’s cold outhere, and the members of Team 2 have to stay warm somehow…Andrea, Road Team Manager for Team 2

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: November 29th, 2010