It’s Almost Over.

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kinn.jpgOh Brandon, Manitoba…you were filled with extremely cold weather, movie tickets, and of course, in team two fashion, bus doors that wouldn’t open all the way.On Wednesday, we made our trek to Kinnesota, only to be greeted by a community potluck dinner just because we were in town! It was a great night, filled with amazing food and a Matee Step Dancing Group. It also happened to be Eddie’s 23rd birthday, (which we weren’t supposed to remember) so he kept warm in the cold winter night with his new leopard print snuggie.The next day we had a big event at the Alonsa Community Centre. Students making alonsa.jpgtheir way there from as far as an hour away, came to enjoy a Think Day presentation, a Think Global, and an Aberdeen concert to follow. The place was packed, and everyone had a good time!Making our way to Rosenort, we walked in the door to arms wide open, tables with place dinner.jpgsettings, and steaks on the barbecue. Yep, you could’ve guessed that we were at the Brandt’s! They are an amazing family… so much so that I didn’t want to leave! (They didn’t want us to leave either, so it was fair).After a show in Winnipeg, where we had many family, friends, and previous Hero Holiday’ers, we drove back to Dryden, Ontario. It’s crazy to think that I’m done province hopping now, and I won’t be leaving Ontario until I go to Mexico after Christmas!Tour has gone by way too fast! It seems like just yesterday that we were in Burlington learning how to set-up all of the gear, and getting to know everyone. 5 provinces later, with a week and a half left, I’ll be back in Hamilton anxiously awaiting going home for the holidays!sarah.jpgMerry Christmas,Sarah, a School of Leadership Student on the Road

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: December 4th, 2010