Team One Checking In

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Team One checking in. We have been in BC and loving it. The schools have been amazing and each of our billets have been great. One host family even took the whole team out whale watching in Ucluelet. (I must admit the team agreed they have never been more cold!). We went out in this little boat called the Zodiak. It was just big enough to fit the ten of us, and it was windy, but it was so worth it. We saw bald eagles, sea lions, went through the broken Islands, and then saw not one, but two whales. It was amazing! Thank you Al and Margie, that is one boat ride we will never week before that we were in Bowser, after we exhausted all of our Mario Brothers puns, I received an e-mail. Not long ago there was a murder in Duncan: a teenage girl named Tyeesha. They were having a memorial for her and wanted us to come and Bondless to play a concert. You see Bondless was her favourite band and her mom wanted them to come and play. So after our show in Courtney that morning we drove to Duncan. There we met an awesome guy named Jeff.Jeff was putting this whole thing together. It was called the “Take Back the Night Walk”. We went to the center and set up our stage. It had been a long day but the SOL’s were happy to be there and happy to help. I’m not sure what time the walk started but the building we were in was the finish line. At about 8:30pm people began entering. It took almost 30 min for everyone to file in. There were over 3,000 people there. It was amazing to see all those people come together for one cause, and that we had the opportunity to be a part of it. At about 11:00pm the speakers were all done and the band started playing. It was truly a great way to end the night.It has been amazing here on the island and we can’t wait to see more of BC. Next stop – Vancouver!

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 2nd, 2011