What! At School on Spring Break?

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 On March 15th our Mexico Public Spring Hero Holiday started. Participants from all across Canada met in San Diego to start their Mexican Adventure. While down south, this team is rebuilding a school that was destroyed during the some deadly flooding to the Baja in January 2010. Here is their take on the first day on the work site:

Today was my first time on a work site and I enjoyed it a lot. Coming into Mexico I had such mixed feelings. I was shocked to see the difference when we crossed the boarder into Mexico from the US. There was a major difference! I was excited and happy to be going to Mexico but was saddened and depressed when I saw the homes and how people live here. I had no idea this morning when I woke up what to expect but I was thrilled with what happens on the work site. We started today with the wall frames and painting. The weather was very hot with a breeze of the ocean, so it was bearable. The people living around the job site were eager to help which I thought was amazing because people in Canada hire people to always do the work for them. Even though we could barely understand each other, we appreciated each others company. I am really looking forward the work we will complete tomorrow.

~ Melissa, a participant here in Mexico

We made it! 8 months ago this was just a fantasy.. but here I am today standing on Mexican soil. And I wouldn’t spend my spring break any other way. So far this experience has been happy, sad, scary, beautiful and just all around amazing. And we still have another week! Everything about Mexico is different than Canada. I am amazed at how lucky we are and how luxurious our lives are compared to the locals here. It has been quite a shock and a good wake up call for me. The people from Hero Holiday have been nothing but wonderful! The SOL students are so great and very welcoming.Today was our first day of building. It was so much fun to be a part of the building process of a whole school. We got a lot accomplished in just one day. Despite the blistering sun, we managed to get up two walls and cut all the boards for the other two walls and the roof, which we will build tomorrow. Along side many of the local mothers and children we painted the trim and doors a vibrant blue to match their vibrant personalities.Now its time for dinner (tacos!) and some Rn’R…~Anna, enjoying Mexico

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 18th, 2010