With Love Gala: a night of inspiration, impact and connection

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We are overjoyed to share the heartwarming success of our annual With Love Gala, an event that truly embodied the essence of love, compassion and unity. It was a night filled with incredible generosity and an unwavering commitment to making a profound impact on the lives of youth in both Canada and Haiti.

A night to remember

On the evening of Sept. 28, 2023, we gathered at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights in Winnipeg for a gala that exceeded all expectations. The highlight of the night? The remarkable fundraising effort that took place.

Our With Love community raised $240,000 to bolster LiveDifferent’s youth programs in Canada and Haiti. These funds are instrumental in our mission to expand our programs, opening up more opportunities for young people who truly need them and empowering them to build brighter futures.

This year, we added some unique elements to the gala including an opening youth performance by Marquis Dance Academy, live tattooing by Kate Falk, owner of Long Live Tattoos, as well as Indigenous drummers Shannon and Gladys, Jazz musician Carter Graham, and singer/songwriter Catie St. Germain.

Thank you for making a difference

To all of you who joined us as – donors, partners, sponsors and volunteers – we want to extend our deepest gratitude. Your support was nothing short of extraordinary, and it showed us the incredible power of collective action. Your presence and contributions demonstrated that when we unite with love and purpose, we have the ability to create lasting change in the lives of young people. Your generosity left us truly humbled.

A special thanks to our event sponsor, Derksen Manitoba—your unwavering support for our cause has been absolutely invaluable.

Photos by Lindsay Winter Photography

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At LiveDifferent, we firmly believe in the power of love and compassion to ignite positive change. With your ongoing support, we will make even more dreams come true for generations to come.

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Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being an integral part of this incredible journey. Together, we are lighting up the world With Love, one act of kindness at a time.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: October 15th, 2023