Making More Change 2 - Dedication Day Song!

The Making More Change 2 team had a unique gift for their family on their dedication - a song!

Change - so much more than a six letter word

The anticipation mounted as we made the trek to meet the family we would be building for. The chanting of "Gringa" in the streets brought a huge smile to everyone on board the truck, and none any bigger than mine. As we rounded the corner, I saw change!

Feel Your Calling

I'm happy to say this is my third trip with Live Different. There are so many amazing experiences that happen during these trips. It is always great to meet new people who are thriving to make a difference in the world in which they live. I feel honoured and privileged to be a part of this build.

Hero Holiday is getting a New Name!

We have an exciting announcement to make...Hero Holiday is getting a new name!

Parksville Rotary Team Mexico - Dedicated To The Ones We Love

It has been a day of many emotions as we dedicated a new home to our new family, Policarpio, Augustina, Jennifer and Puol.

Parksville Rotary Team Mexico - Casa Finito!

Three days ago, we began our build and today at noon, we locked the doors until tomorrow when we will set up the new home and present the keys to Policarpio, Augustina, Jennifer and Puol.

Rotarians Up On The Roof

After just 3 days of work, we are all amazed at how well the house is coming together.

Parksville Rotary in Mexico!

Now everyone get your minds out of the gutter - today was a huge day for Rotary Team Mexico as we now have a house where once stood a bare cement pad. Amazing teamwork was in evidence throughout the day as the walls were raised, rooms were divided, interior and exterior walls were painted, the roof panels are on, and windows are cut. We are amazed at what happened today and we can't wait to see how much we accomplish tomorrow!

Parksville AM Rotary Team Mexico

Rotary Team Mexico now has its first day under its belt - tired yet satisfied with a good day's work, we enjoyed a delicious Mexican meal prepared by the Live Different staff and before long, people started drifting off to an early night. Dormitory style accommodations are comfortable despite unseasonably warm and humid weather, combined with barking dogs which made sleep elusive for some.

A Circle in the Dirt, and a Handful of Bottle Caps

For many of us, our childhood was a time spent goofing off with friends. It was a period in which going on adventures and diving into our imaginations replaced the bills, responsibility, and the world of adulthood which surrounded us but remained in our peripherals until we got older.

It’s Aaaalive!

This is the first official blog from team number one, and it’s a little bit late in the making since this is supposed to be a weekly blog and we have been together for almost a month now... But we feel as if now is when we are starting to look at how far we have come in the last month.

Rooftop Reveries

Throughout the course of our lives, we often experience what I usually call "panarama moments," - a split second where time seems to slow and sound ceases to exist.  These moments tend to stand out in our minds and allow us to fully take in our surroundings, to experience everything that is going on around us in a pure and focused way, and to find a new appreciation for the situation at hand.  

Zak McDonald - Live Different

A growing underground comedy scene has been blossoming in Steel Town with names like Jason Rouse, JR Digs, Manolis Zontanos, Patrick Coppolino and more getting national and international attention spotlighting Hamilton’s dark, twisted, goofy and funny character. This weekend, Zak McDonald, one of the newer additions to Hamilton comedy, is set to take some of the darkness of his life and shine a new light on it as he headlines a comedy/variety/fundraiser event for a national motivational tour.

Hamilton man uses comedy to overcome troubled childhood

Zak McDonald overcame a difficult past and now hopes to inspire changewith his cross-country comedy tour

Read it here:

Sunny Sunday Salutations from Baja!

What do you get when you unleash nineteen Dayspringers who are catching or possibly passing their fourth wind on a cement pad in the town of Vincente Guerroro? 2 beautiful homes, dusty clothing, a bunch of slivers, faith, love, and gratitude!