Two Families, Two Nationalities, One Home

My name is Hannah and I’m an intern in the Dominican Republic this summer. Today was our first work day for public trip #2. The two families we are building for are strong single mothers with beautiful children. The two families will be sharing a duplex. One family is Dominican and the other Haitian.

All that we expected and more

So far, our Live Different experience has been all that we had expected and more. Today was our last day working towards building the house, and it was really rewarding seeing it come together.

Building Strong Bonds

Today was the last house building day of our trip in the Dominican Republic. It was really amazing to see everything come together, but it was sad to think that my time here is almost over. We’ve all worked so hard but had so much fun while doing it, not letting any language barrier stop us from building strong bonds with community members, other workers, and children.

Building, Bonding, and Bubble Blowing

Today was an exhilarating first day of our build of Maria and Carlos’ house. As soon as we arrived on the site, we sprang into action and everyone quickly dug into the many different tasks that needed to be done.

Addicted to Change

Joining the Boston Pizza Foundation on their annual Hero Holiday trip with Live Different for the second time has been the most gratifying experience I could ever ask for. I came here thinking I knew what to expect because I've experienced it before but I was very wrong. Although the trip has a similar structure, I was able to revisit families I met last year, build many new relationships, and connect with the community on a deeper level. Three deserving families received brand new, safe, dry homes.

Incredible Treasure

Trying to prepare yourself for something you have never experiences before is like diving from a 20ft cliff without knowing how shallow or deep the water is.

GBC - Day in the Life

Sunday was our first build day. While the rest of our team started working on the house, four of us had the privilege of partaking in an experience that Live Different has coined ”Day In The Life”. This meant that two families who lived within the same community as the family which our group is building alongside opened up their homes to us so we could get a taste of day to day life for them.

Roof over my head

I remember first hearing about a ‘Week in the Life’ when I went on my very first Hero Holiday in 2010. Never did I imagine that in a few short years, I’d actually be doing it myself.

A big, beautiful, inspiring family

I am amazed by the maturity and sensitivity of these children, who come from a background of abuse and/or exploitation. On Saturday night, we had the opportunity to hear the older teens perform at the night market in town. I think it may have been their first time.

The day has finally arrived!

When we arrived at the home, all of the children were at the front gates waiting for us. They seemed as excited as we were at meeting. One by one they walked up to us, to present us with necklaces and ornaments made of fresh beautiful flowers.

So Sad To Leave, But Never Good-Bye

Having been given the blog for Dedication Day, a swarm of emotions came to mind. Being the final blog, I know that it should finish with a "Bang", but that would only cause 60% of our outreach team to scream.

Tears of Joy

As a Gonzaga student who got to go on this Dominican outreach trip last year, preparing to go for this trip was both nerve wracking and exciting at the same time. There were several things I knew I could look forward to and many new experiences I didn't expect to have, but have made this trip a whole new experience for me to remember.

Home Will Never Be The Same

This week has definitely been one of ups and downs and many contrasts. But one thing is for certain, each and every one of our academy girls have embraced this week for all that it’s worth.

My First Impressions

When I signed up for the Dominican trip I had no idea what to expect. As the countdown progressed, talking to others who had been on the trip in the past helped me to form a broader idea of what the trip was about.

Open Hearts

One month - five groups - and ten families receiving homes.