Open Hearts

One month - five groups - and ten families receiving homes.

The Little Things in Hand

Motivation – Inspiration – and the little things you just might miss. I believe those are the things – regarding your personal growth – that tour is all about.

Tour life is interesting.

Not quite like normal life at all. It’s almost a surreal experience, and it’s flying by so quickly. Waking up at five in the morning to drive an hour and a half to a school, set up, do a show, and interact with new people every single day… it’s really amazing.

What to expect

When I signed up for this trip I did not know what to expect. I envisioned being exhausted for 10 days, discovering the conditions of the people living in poverty, and doing hard but meaningful work. With Live Different, every day I discovered wisdom that I would not have been able to discover anywhere else. The first one being the overwhelming kindness that the people in Puerto Plata have for one another and us "gringos", as well.

It is better to give than to receive

As said in our debrief meeting tonight; it is better to give than to receive. There’s truly nothing more rewarding than doing what you can to make someone’s life a little better. Today was our first work day, and boy isn’t everyone exhausted! Everyone worked harder than I could imagine. You don’t feel the work until you’re on your way home because the smiles and encouragement from the locals give you all the energy and motivation you need.

Training week

Training week. This is the week where the band, volunteers, staff, and the Live Different Academy students all first get together as a team. I feel like I am able to see this week through a unique set of eyes. I have been fortunate to be a part of three Live Different tours already, first as a student, and now as a road team leader.

NL News Now: Anderson to participate in Hero Holiday

Helping others in the global community A resident from Head of Bay d’Espoir will be heading to the Dominican Republic on July 9th-July 18th.

There and Back Again, A Jordyn’s Tale

“Hey everyone, I’m Jordyn and I’m from Victoria BC. I’ve just been over at our back table setting up all of the awesome videos for the show, and the video that you guys just saw was about Live Different’s Hero Holiday Program.” This is the beginning to my segment of Team One’s awesome Live Different Presentation that I’ve been a part of for 4 months!

Music and motivation - The Telegram

RocketRocketShip releasing new album, embarking on national motivational tour for students.

Fresh from their most roller-coaster year yet, the members of RocketRocketShip are about to embark on a Canadian tour to let high school students know how to deal with ups and downs of their own. Read more here:


Young Corner Brookers gave up Christmas to help Dominican Republic poor - The Western Star

CORNER BROOK — If any of them had any reticence about giving up their usual Christmas, five young people from Corner Brook certainly have no regrets now. Read more here:

The House that Love Built

Down a dusty street in an outback town in Baja California Mexico, a man named Salvador bought a piece of dry, sandy property. He worked hard to pay for it, and he worked even harder to make that piece of property into something that would be a place of welcome and shade from the hot desert sun. Over the 30 plus years that he has owned that property Salvador has loved his garden and the people in his life.

What it means to Live Different

Today I had the opportunity to talk to Olga, the mother for one of the families we are building for. She has been living in a wooden house that is in very bad condition, very close to a polluted river, with her daughter Yocasta, 15 years old, and her grandson, David, 7 years old (who she has raised like a son since he was born.)

Who, What, Where

As I look out of the frosty panes of glass, I see the sun begin to poke its way past the horizon. It is a cold winter morning and we cling to our blankets for a bit of warmth and comfort. About half of us sleep while the other half sit in a nearly meditative state. The bus is serenely quiet and only the sound of humming motor strumming us along can be heard. It is the dawn of a new day as we head out to “Nowhere”, SK.

The Zombie Apocalypse of Tour

We started from the bottom, now we’re here, we started from the bottom now the whole team’s here. Actually, we started in Ontario, now we’re here, and here is Vancouver, British Columbia. 
Coming to the Live Different Academy I now realize I had absolutely no idea what to expect. When I decided to apply for the academy, I had seen a few presentations and heard about Live Different's Hero Holidays from a team of students that went at my school.

Mi Familia

Hop on a plane; no seriously run through customs and hurry up and get on that plane because it is close to the time that that little ticket displays at the top corner. Now sit in the pit of the bird's belly, shoulder-to-shoulder with girls you just met two weeks ago as it reaches up to cut through the clouds with its wings. Laugh, tell stories, and get to know the girls beside you to pass the snore-worthy trip by. Cry a little as the ringing and popping makes your ears and brain feel like a punching-bag used in a professional wrestling gym.