Different Beginnings

I’ve always been different. I knew that very early growing up as a person with a physical disability. Having cerebral palsy can leave you misunderstood by others, but I saw power in that. If people are reading you wrong, then you have the opportunity to help them understand who you are, and most importantly what you’re capable of.

Manifesto of the Brave and Brokenhearted

Here at Live Different, we love the 'straight-to-the-heart' style of Brene Brown's books and speeches. Her work has been such a huge inspiration to us as we've put together our motivational presentations this year, and we love this video that was put together for her new book. Check it out, and consider making it your own manifesto this year!

Without a Doubt

The family that our team is building for is made up of Florencia, and her two adult sons, Martin and Jose. During the trip, I found out that Martin had been born with a clubbed foot and has had to live with it his whole life due to very limited access to medical care. This struck close to home for me because my youngest sister was also born with two clubbed feet.

Simple Lessons

"My lady just asked me how I am!!", shouted the girl I was carrying as I toured through the community for the first time. Then children are the undeniable force of this community. Every morning our bus is followed by their chorused fanfare, their hands outreached like they are ready to catch us.

Laughter, Stories, and Love

When I thought about going to do a Live Different Build, I couldn't wrap my head around what I would to actually experience. I could only try to picture the people I was going to meet and the house I was going to help build. I am pleased to say that the picture in my head was not as awesome as it actually here!

A Day to Remember

We had the great honour of meeting Florencia and Martin during our Day in the Life visit. We were amazed by the hospitality shown to us ...

Little Things

Sometimes you may see or hear things on the news about poverty, but you never really know what it's like until you've witnessed it first hand and met some of the amazing people who are "living in poverty". I met so many amazing, selfless people, who were so generous and giving when they had very little to give.

The Happiest Place on Earth

Coming into this journey I was expecting to be overwhelmed by the new experiences and circumstances that I would encounter. But to my surprise my observations were completely opposite

Live Different Stories: Keke and Mina

Keke is 10, and his sister Mina is 7 years old. During the day, both children spend their days at home while their mother sells fruit and vegetables in the street nearby; however, Keke plays an especially large role in his sister's life.

Little Things Matter

On a free afternoon, I took a walk down into the community with another volunteer and Ephny, our translator. We went to visit Cecelia's house. Cecilia is the happiest 70(ish!) year old woman I have ever met!

Ryley School - All the Hard Work Was Worth It

Coming into this week, we were not really sure what we should expect. Should we be excited? Nervous? Scared? A mix of all three? Upon arrival, we soon realized that the cultural differences between rural Alberta and rural Mexico was too much to comprehend. When we first met the family we were shocked at the emotional and technological differences between our lives and theirs, as well as the appreciation they showed as we first started to help them on their life-changing build. When we first started, we could tell the family was shy to be around us, but they quickly warmed up as we worked with them and played games with their children.

Reaching New Destinations

Poverty is the lack of opportunity and choices. Since my first Live Different Build in 2012 I have learned we must choose to turn towards those in need and take action on their behalf.

Live Different Stories: Casley and Kitson

These two boys are an incredible pair.
Casley is 6 years old, and was born with a medical condition

Guts and Grace

I remember sitting on my bathroom floor crying my eyes out after I had just gotten back from my first Live Different build trip to the Dominican Republic in the summer of 2011. They weren’t just tears of an angry humanitarian or of a confused and angry 17 year old. They were tears because I knew from that moment on, my life was going to be forever changed by Live Different and I wasn’t sure what that was going to look like.

Bitter Sweet

Today we woke up as if it were a regular morning… we got to finally sleep in, enjoy a great breakfast and relax with our friends but today was one of the most memorable days of our lives.