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LD Stories

Live Different Stories: Andia’s Birthday for Cause!

This is Andia. Last Christmas, she was inspired by a campaign we did asking people to donate towards school uniform for students at the Live Different school in Haiti. (She even wrote a letter at…
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Dominican RepublicLD Stories

Live Different Stories: Keke and Mina

Keke is 10, and his sister Mina is 7 years old. During the day, both children spend their days at home while their mother sells fruit and vegetables in the street nearby; however, Keke plays…
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HaitiLD Stories

Live Different Stories: Casley and Kitson

These two boys are an incredible pair.¬†Casley is 6 years old, and was born with a medical condition that prevents his nervous system from functioning in sequence with his brain and spinal cord. Though his…
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