Professional Development for the Teachers at Ecole L’Union

Where you would be without a basic education? It’s probably safe to say that without it, each day you face might be filled with a little bit more of adversity.

We believe that education can fuel brighter futures for the children of Calvaire, but when it comes to learning, there is a lot involved. When Heather Gingras came on board as a staff member in the role of Haiti Programs Support, her passion to invest in the children led her to make all sorts of connections with various organizations working in Haiti and to begin learning the native language.

Browsing YouTube, she came across a very helpful tutorial that taught some basics of Haitian Creole. A few clicks later and she was introduced to the organization who had published the video, P4H Global. After looking into it further, she recognized the impact that partnering could have for our school and found herself reaching out by phone to start some meaningful conversations.

About P4H Global

P4H Global (P4H) is a nonprofit that is committed to the professional development of Haitian educators. According to The World Bank, approximately 80% of Haitian educators lack adequate training and as a result, the classrooms can often be marked with an authoritarian, teacher-centred approach. Research has shown that quality teacher training has direct, positive impacts on student success.

About the Program

Their in-school Educator Professional Development (EPD) training provides participants with research-based, student-centered strategies that transform classroom culture. This training is conducted over a three-year span. All materials and training are hosted in Haitian Creole and are designed to engage educators in collaborative learning structures.

The topics for this year were:

  1. Foundational Education Theories
  2. Classroom Management
  3. Collaborative Learning and Engagement

Educating the Educators

We were thrilled that all of the teachers welcomed the idea of professional development with enthusiastic support! At the beginning of March, Heather spent a few days witnessing the teacher training and noticed that each person in attendance was extremely engaged with the program.

After one week, the school’s principal reported that he had seen a difference in each teacher with the biggest improvement being in the area of classroom management. A staff member for P4H Global also visited the school to conduct observations and reported seeing changes in the classroom as well. To this day, the teachers continue to receive support through ongoing updates, reminders, and videos and will all be attending a 3-day conference in June.

Investing in professional development for these teachers is already having a great impact on the children of Ecole L’Union.

To everyone who supports our work in Haiti, we appreciate your support and belief in the importance of education for the children of Calvaire! The teachers are grateful for your support and belief in them and so are we. Thank you!

Support the children of Ecole L’Union as they head towards brighter futures—one school day at a time.

Author: Joshua Dueck

Date: April 8th, 2019